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Ohrid Organics is a modern medical cannabis facility that uses the latest technologies and practices to ensure high quality products, compliance with all regulations, and minimal environmental impact.

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Medical Cannabis Facility
  • Location: Ohrid, North Macedonia
  • Total Area: 27,000m²
  • Certification: GACP and CUMCS-GAP certified
  • License Allows: Up to 20,000m² of cultivation space
  • First GACP-Certified facility in North Macedonia
  • Scalable design for cost-effective construction
  • Greenhouses: Four operational greenhouses
  • Canopy Space: 340m² per greenhouse
  • Yield: Each greenhouse can produce more than a tonne of dry flower per year
  • Strain Cultivation: Cultivation of CBD and THC-dominant strains began in 2019
  • Dedicated R&D greenhouse facilitating pheno-hunts and genetics selection and breeding programmes
Export Capabilities
  • API Certification: Granted in April 2022
  • Enables export of dry flower
  • CUMCS-GAP certification granted in October 2023 (enables export to Israel)
Post-Harvest Processes
  • GMP-Compliant Protocols
  • State of the art drying technology enabling one tonne throughput per batch
  • Dutch agrotech supplemental lighting for year-round operations
  • Dry trimming process for superior results
Environmental Efficiencies
  • Utilises biomass heating system
  • Solar Panels: 100kW (with plans for an additional 50kW)
  • Low energy consumption in cultivation